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Marketing minded, business brained

I’m a lifelong fan of ‘getting stuck in and making stuff happen.’ As a master’s student in Marketing Management, I promptly put theory into practice in a part-time job helping small businesses connect to their ideal customers. 

I also spotted a gap in the virtual marketplace for house plants and flowers and filled it by launching a boutique online florist.  

Top Takeaway

If your website designer has made and marketed their own thriving online businesses, they’ll have a grounded grasp of what it takes to make yours a success. 

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Fan of the ‘fab collab’

Being part of a creative team is a great pleasure.  If the team is working on a ‘do-good’ project destined to make a difference in the community, it’s also a privilege. 

Many of my most satisfying projects have been built in a digital village inhabited by graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, filmmakers, and marketers. We’ve pooled our energy and expertise to create wonderful websites that are so much more than the sum of their parts. 

Top Takeaway

Bring as much expertise to your website project as you can. Trust your brand to a tiny team of creative and technically gifted professionals.They’ll give you a great return on your investment by creating a website that works for everyone on every level. 

Looking for talented, trustworthy creatives?

Melbourne girl, Italian heritage. Enough said. As the incomparable Federico Fellini said, ‘life is a combination of magic and pasta.’ 

Your MTYB website comes to you courtesy of spinach and ricotta tortellini. Making pasta-fuelled website magic that’s my mission. Spending hours immersed in amazing cinema that’s one of my greatest pleasures. 

Top Takeaway

Food and films feed us body and soul. If your website designer’s creativity is fuelled by hearty cuisine and heady cinema, chances are they’ll be a contented, curious, adventurous human. They may also cook you a great meal. 

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Italian food and film lover 

I’ve played classical piano since I was a kid. And as I’ve really missed it, I’m about to start teaching again. I love the organised chaos in Franz Liszt’s compositions. When ‘calm’ is what I need, I play or listen to Ludovico Einaudi. 


Much of what I’ve learned and love about being a musician - patience, discipline, timing, rhythm, nuance, and empathy applies to my work as a website designer. 

Top Takeaway

If you’d like your website designer to communicate complex things clearly, and stick with a gnarly issue until it's sorted, choose one who moonlights as a musician. Odds on, they’ll be a patient, practical perfectionist (in a good way), and in tune with you and your brand. 

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Musician and music teacher 

Veronica is sitting at a desk, facing the camera and smiling, there is a laptop in front of her
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"Veronica was an absolute dream to work with. 

She was able to bring our vision to life perfectly and was great at communicating exactly where things were at the whole way through. I couldn't recommend her more highly. We absolutely love our finished website!"

Rose Flanagan, Co-founder - Sceneworkout

I’m about more than your brand

I’m a member of the ‘More than…’ group of companies. We’re a family of like-minded, extra-mile-going companies supporting small businesses to succeed on all fronts. I’m the creative partner taking care of your online presence. 

Top Takeaway

Connecting your marketing to the rest of your business activities makes sound sense. If you’d like a referral to More Than Tax or More Than Wealth let me know.

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All the cred

Bachelor of Arts
Majors in Italian, Media & Communications

University of Melbourne


Master of Management (Marketing)

University of Melbourne

Foundations of Web Development

School of Code

About Veronica Ferraro

Builder of beyond beautiful websites that work for everyone

‘An exquisite website, that goes without saying. An exquisite website that does everything effortlessly, that’s what I build.’    

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