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In 2012, More Than Tax, an accounting + taxation firm specializing in small business, realised that in an ever changing business and digital landscape it can be hard for small business owners to manage their marketing and establish an online presence while also working in and on their business.  So they hired a marketing consultant and started to offer marketing services to their small business clients.

In 2016, what had started as the marketing department of More Than Tax, developed into More Than Your Brand; a dedicated marketing firm for small businesses.

More Than Your Brand is the creative branch of the More Than Business Group (we like to think of ourselves as that one really creative member of the family). We take care of your brand, and we let the other members of our group take care of your business (if you want them to).


Veronica Ferraro

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The girl over there is Veronica ... 

Veronica developed an interest in marketing when she was at uni completing her Bachelor of Arts. She then went on to study a Masters of Management (Marketing) at the University of Melbourne, while working part time as a marketing consultant for various small businesses - one of which was an accounting firm called More Than Tax. 

It was while working for these small businesses that she realised how much she enjoyed so many parts of the marketing process; from planning, to building, to creating content, and implementing everything. So after completing her degree the decision to work with small businesses, and help them with each step of the marketing process, was a fairly easy one. 


In late 2016 she committed to this plan and started to set-up a business, then in July 2018 More Than Your Brand became a full time venture. This put her in the unique position of building her own brand, whilst also growing the brands of her clients - an experience that was challenging and exciting, and required consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Fast forward to today - the excitement and consumption of coffee continue.