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"Veronica was a pleasure to deal with from the onset. I'm so happy with my site: It's clean, straightforward and pretty. Highly recommended!"

Christine - Eat Cake, Celebrate

MTYB websites are highly accessible

I make your site easier for everyone to use by:

  • analysing colour palettes for contrast ratios before I start working on your design 

  • adding alt text and image descriptions to all photos and images 

  • I can also advise you on installing third-party accessibility software that supports screen readers. There are lots of options. 


This site uses accessiBe's AI-powered web accessibility software. 

‘Accessible design is good design - it benefits people who don't have disabilities as well as people who do. Accessibility is all about removing barriers and providing the benefits of technology for everyone.’

Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO
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Website design and development services | Melbourne

High-performance Wix websites, effortlessly elegant eCommerce stores 

Out of the blue

Your website is an ’out of the blue’ sensation that aces the 10-second 'attract and answer' test. That’s the time it takes most website visitors to decide to stay or go. 

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New website design and build

Into the black

Your ‘into the black’ eCommerce website will do wonders for your business's bottom line. You’ll inspire trust and loyalty in a welcoming, efficient online store that your customers will love. 

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Website with an online store

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Greening up

If you’ve got a heap of analytics or a hunch that tells you your website’s stopped working, maybe it’s time to hit ‘refresh?’

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Website refresh

In the pink

A support service to ensure your site is always ‘in the pink.’ I can train you and your team to be fluent, responsive website aces ready to rise to any online customer service occasion. 

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Website upkeep

Book my Wix Brain

A prepaid hour of power - ideal when Wix isn’t playing nice, and you’re ‘seeing red.’ Perfect for when you need to fix something fast, add new features or simply explore what’s possible. 

We can do any number of things, in your session, including:

  • Shining a light on all things Wix – a great intro and overview when you’re wondering if Wix is the way to go 

  • Solving a specific issue – a godsend if you're a current site owner, stuck on a sticky problem or a self-builder caught in a technical tangle 

  • Working out what’s next – a gamer changer if you’re a Wix website owner ready to do more with your site 

Please note, the Book my Wix Brain service is not suitable for sites built with Wix ADI.

How it works

Book my Brain FAQ

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It takes a digital village to create a stunning website. 


I can take care of your site design and build. If you need help with logo design, copywriting, photography, or video production, I can recommend some lovely humans who also happen to be highly skilled professionals.

  • What's great about a Wix website?
    Wix will give you a beautiful, bespoke website with as many bells and whistles as you like. It’s utterly reliable, super easy to use and remarkably cost-effective. I love it for loads of arcane, creative designer-y reasons. You’ll most likely love it because you: Get a custom-made gosh wow website. Wix allows me to design from scratch. We’re not restricted to templates, so there’s no risk of your site looking the like a clone of your competitors. Everything about your site's layout, look and feel will be unique to your business. Pay a single subscription that covers your website hosting and all the applications you’ll ever need - think online shop, booking platform, photo and video gallery, blog, or chatbot, to name just five popular ones. No need to buy separate hosting or pay extra for third-party apps, which may not be as stable as the native-to-Wix ones. Can do updates in an instant and without needing to be a certified geek. Wix’s drag-and-drop interface is easy and fun to use. I’ll show you how. Training is included in your package. Ask me about all things Wix
  • My website is a mess. Can you fix it?
    That depends. If your site is built in Wix or Shopify, I can review it and give you a quote for a refresh or a redesign. Conversely, if I think your best option is to start from scratch, I’ll tell you why and how we might proceed. If your messy site is built on a different platform, I can give you a quote for a new Wix or Shopify site. See my website redesign package See my website design & build package Discuss your project
  • Can you manage my entire website project?
    Yes. I can take care of the whole ‘kit and caboodle,’ including: Doing all the website design and development work listed here. Managing other creative professionals to coordinate branding and logo design, copywriting and photography NOTE: I can work with your chosen team or recommend lovely, talented humans from my networks. Training you or someone from your team to maintain the site OR I can take care of this for you Let’s talk project management
  • What's your process?
    We start with a free 30-minute chat in person or on Zoom. If we’re a good fit and I can add value to your project, here’s what happens next.

Blue or black - which of my new website design and build packages will look great on you? 

Green, pink or red - which of my website refresh, upkeep, or emergency response services will keep your site current and classy?

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