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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about website design and development (and how I can help!)

  • What's great about a Wix website?
    Wix will give you a beautiful, bespoke website with as many bells and whistles as you like. It’s utterly reliable, super easy to use and remarkably cost-effective. I love it for loads of arcane, creative designer-y reasons. You’ll most likely love it because you: Get a custom-made gosh wow website. Wix allows me to design from scratch. We’re not restricted to templates, so there’s no risk of your site looking the like a clone of your competitors. Everything about your site's layout, look and feel will be unique to your business. Pay a single subscription that covers your website hosting and all the applications you’ll ever need - think online shop, booking platform, photo and video gallery, blog, or chatbot, to name just five popular ones. No need to buy separate hosting or pay extra for third-party apps, which may not be as stable as the native-to-Wix ones. Can do updates in an instant and without needing to be a certified geek. Wix’s drag-and-drop interface is easy and fun to use. I’ll show you how. Training is included in your package. Ask me about all things Wix
  • My website is a mess. Can you fix it?
    That depends. If your site is built in Wix or Shopify, I can review it and give you a quote for a refresh or a redesign. Conversely, if I think your best option is to start from scratch, I’ll tell you why and how we might proceed. If your messy site is built on a different platform, I can give you a quote for a new Wix or Shopify site. See my website redesign package See my website design & build package Discuss your project
  • Can you manage my entire website project?
    Yes. I can take care of the whole ‘kit and caboodle,’ including: Doing all the website design and development work listed here. Managing other creative professionals to coordinate branding and logo design, copywriting and photography NOTE: I can work with your chosen team or recommend lovely, talented humans from my networks. Training you or someone from your team to maintain the site OR I can take care of this for you Let’s talk project management
  • What's your process?
    We start with a free 30-minute chat in person or on Zoom. If we’re a good fit and I can add value to your project, here’s what happens next.
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